things i do and projects i work on


Developed, designed, and implemented the HypnoFurs website including a session maker, files section, and telegram moderation integration via BalanceModBot


A Work-In-Progress Art Manager developed using Django and powering my current art archive.


An app for managing Convention Operations, Convention HR, and Gofur Volunteers. Currently in the process of integrating events management and merging the whole project upstream to Furthemore's APIS project.


A session builder for hypnosis that allows a "mad-libs" like approach to script building, complete with a spiral with randomly generated subliminal messages.


For managing medication and reminders to reorder, as well as checking current bottle levels based on daily consumption.

HF Rooms

A collaborative work with the goal of creating realtime session tools for hypnotists. Currently it's main form is in a subliminal messaging spiral that allows for direct control from a hypnotist. In Beta


A web application for artists to manage commission pricing, streams, and work queues. A cousin of Melody.


A moderator bot for telegram chat rooms, complete with a web interface.