What is "Gender Fluidity"?

"Gender Fluidity" is best described as the feeling of gender identity being determinant on what actions or environment is currently at play at the given time. This may lead to people assuming that the person favors one gender over another based on their general behaviors, but that's simply an observation at best. Gender Fluidity means that gender is dictated on situation and preference at a given moment.

"Gender" & Pronouns are a suggestion.
Gender Identity is considered a label that is unnessesary to most Gender Fluid people. Another term used for this would be "Gender Queer" but unlike most people who identify as Gender Queer, Gender Fluid people understand the importance of Gender Identity in society and have the ability to swap between both without any residual feeling of dysphoria. If a gender fluid person feels more male than female to you, use male pronouns and vice versa. When referring to their sexual organs, ask them what their physical sex is rather than their gender to avoid a confused "uuhh welll uhmmm..".
Physical Sexual Organs generally do not consitute gender identity.
A gender fluid person is more likely to be the gender they feel they are rather than by what their sexual organs dictate they are. Most of the time, Gender Fluid individuals will ignore their physical sex when they feel to be the opposite gender. Gender and Behavior are not dictated by what parts they have, and in most cases they are content with the equipment they were born with (this isn't always the case, but is usually the most common case).
Gender Fluidity differs from Androgyny
Androgyny is the feeling of having no defined gender. Gender Fluidity understands the concept of gender in society, therefore certian behaviors and actions can still be classified by a genderfluid person as masculine or feminine. Gender fluidity is sort of like the half-way-house between androgyny and transgenderism.
Gender Fluidity is not a choice, it's a frame of mind.
Gender Fluidity is, generally speaking, the frame of mind someone is in where they can be comfortable not being strictly one gender. They experience no dysphoria or lament in not having one set of sexual bits over another and do not feel ashamed or afraid of being a gender not equivilant to their sexual organs. There is no physical or congnitive choice to be Gender Fluid, and like any kind of classification takes time to accept and understand both for the person and the people around them.
Gender Fluid People tend to grapple with a fear of becoming stuck in one gender.
Many gender fluid people are afraid that if they continue to act in one set of mannerisims they will lose the ability to remember how to behave as the opposite gender. Similar to how transgender individuals feel as if they must work to become more like the gender they feel they are; gender fluid individuals work to maintain a balance between their feminine and masculine sides so they can continue to freely be as they please.
Even though gender and feelings change, pronoun favoritisim generally does not.
Gender Fluid people may stick with their favorite pronouns regardless of their masculine or feminine actions. If this is uncomfortable for you (i.e. calling someone she/her when they behave like he/him) then you should change pronouns to fit their mannerisims. Either way, the gender fluid individual will not be upset.
Gender Fluidity can manifest in more than one way
A gender fluid person can be anything from an feminine male to a masculine female to a masculine male to a feminine female. Generally speaking, it can seem like a gender fluid person is very hard to read as they change their attitudes and faces to fit a situation or mood. This does not mean they lie or are untrustworthy, but instead means that they are trying their best to fit in with a crowd and are having fun behaving in mannerisims that make them feel comfortable with a group. Most gender fluid people do not have a "true face" to show (and that in and of itself is something they are afraid of as well) because they generally wear their hearts on their sleeves and their emotions on their faces. No hidden agenda, no mixed feelings, and no attempts to deceive or lie about how they feel. Genderfluid people just are who they are.

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