Commission Terms of Service


1. Fill out the form in order to get put into my consideration queue.
2. I will contact you regarding your idea if I accept it. If I don't accept it, I will let you know why. If you want to try again you will need to resend the form again.
3. Drafts will only be sent out for Text Script Commissions, and I will not be accepting any changes unless they are clerical errors or glaring issues regarding content. I reserve the right to decide to not fix an issue.
4. The idea in question can be anything from a meditative general theme to a lewd, sexy theme. I have a lot of kinks, so I have a lot of things that are on the A-OK list.
5. You MUST have an idea. I will not be taking "wing-its" or "do whatever you wants"
6. I reserve the right to add charges for complexity.

The OK List

  1. Meditative/Self Help Themes
  2. Transformation (R-18 Included)
  3. Light Fetishes (Foot Play, Rubber Suits, Bondage, Etc.)
  4. Pet Play
  5. Babyfur
  6. Rubber/Latex
  7. "Experience" Files


Scenes that must conclude at the end of the session, or have a fixed timer. May have fetishes that are extreme.

  1. Mind Control
  2. Worship / Slave
  3. Drone Files
  4. Petrification
  5. Pet Play

The NO List

  1. Snuff
  2. Gore
  3. Death
  4. "Curse" Files
  5. "Brainwashing" Files
  6. "Alter" Files

Why are your prices so high?

I strive on making Quality. I don't want to be bombarded with bad ideas. I want each file to be something unique, and to that end I have a high price because I have high standards, which means that idea generation usually takes awhile. Therefore, higher prices to compensate for the time it takes to make a file. (On average, it takes about 4-8 hours to come up with a file concept, script the file, then schedule a recording time, which works out to about $9.35-$15.62 per hour.)

Turn-Around and Work Schedule

Turn Around is before the deadline posted on each Round. I generally take about a week per file, but life can sometimes explode. If your commission gets delayed, you will be notified via your commission link.

Work Schedule is variable, but I get about 8 hours a week to work on files spread out across the week.

Process of Commission

  1. Fill out Form
  2. Wait for e-mail with accept or decline
  3. If accepted, you will recieve a link to your commission page. Use the paypal link to pay for your commission.
  4. I may contact you to discuss your idea further.
  5. Once I recieve the payment, I will update your commission page as paid, and will begin work on the commission.
  6. During the working process, I may contact you to discuss your idea further to generate ideas.
  7. You can view commission updates from the commission page
  8. Once completed, I will provide a download link on the commission page, and let you know your commission is ready.


If your commission goes two months beyond the due date of the Commission Round (date posted on the queue) and it has not been started, I will refund your purchase unless you are okay with the elongated wait time.

Otherwise, Refunds and Chargebacks are Not Accepted. Should you choose to issue a chargeback, you will be blacklisted.